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When Jack goes to bed I’m gonna…

September 9, 2014


I say this to myself every day. Right now I feel like I have a to-do list a mile long. In the middle of each day I’m energetic and completely motivated. Yep, I tell myself that as soon as Jack is in bed of a nighttime I’m going to power through the list and check everything off. Then by the end of the day all that motivation has disappeared as fast as the small jar of Nutella that I devoured last night with a spoon. I know I preach positivity when it comes to parenting but I also have to be real and you do have those sucky days. Yesterday was one of those days. Jack is getting a top tooth, one of the fangs, and it’s giving him a bit of trouble. He’s been gagging on the extra saliva produced, has vomited a few times and just been understandably whingy.! Unfortunately for us, he hates Panadol with a passion. He will not touch it. Certainly not straight and not even ‘hidden’ in a bottle of milk. He can sniff it out from a mile away and if we coerce him to swallow it, he projectile vomits and honestly… aint nobody got time for dat! I’m not the best at motivating myself in the evenings as it is, but after days like that, it’s impossible.

Thankfully, we discovered that he will take Nurofen with no worries. Hallelujah!! Our sleep is restored and he is much happier.


This is Jack when he’s whingy. Permanently attached to my leg, looking up at me. How do you say no to that face?

Does anyone like Green Day? Their album Dookie is practically the soundtrack of the final years of the 90’s for me, when I was 17, 18. There is a song entitled ‘Longview’ which contains these lyrics “I’ve got no motivation, where is my motivation? No time for motivation, smoking my inspiration…” I sing that song to myself about this time every night.

I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine from my Mother’s Group and we were both discussing how we can’t fully relax unless there’s a sense of order in our houses. Neither of us are complete obsessive neat freaks but I find it hard to really unwind if I know there are 5 unfinished tasks staring me in the face. On the flip side, when everything is put away and off the floor, the toys are neatly assembled, the dishwasher is unpacked and ours and Jack’s washing is done, I can jump on the computer or catch up on The Bachelor, exhale and just be. I feel like de cluttering my environment, de clutters my mind. It’s because of that, that I never have been, nor ever will be, a hoarder. I just cant handle chaos.

So back to my motivation, or lack of it. I feel the same way about the things on my mental to-do list and tonight I’m determined to get better at getting things done. I spend so much time and energy being a parent that I can neglect so many other responsibilities, people and occasions. I’m actually proud of myself for having bought thoughtful Father’s Day gifts and cards for my husband, Dad and Father-in-Law ON TIME. I’m ashamed to admit that my poor Mum didn’t get a Mother’s Day gift until about June. Terrible.

So, what’s on my list?

Banking, finalising baby shower plans, going for a run, completing the clean out out my wardrobe, reading though the details of Jack’s upcoming christening, online ordering and picking back up and finally finishing Jack’s nursery redecoration project.

After I have tackled a few of these tasks tonight, the Vogue September issue is getting my full attention and I vow to be better at motivating myself and JUST DO IT!

Goodnight x

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