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Toddlers & Freedom

June 23, 2015

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I went out for dinner with a friend last night* and I’ve been out every Friday night for the last month. No, I promise I’m not entering any most popular awards, I’m mentioning it because I’m three months away from giving birth to my second child so I’m taking advantage of it now.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but I don’t like toddlers. Correction, never used to like toddlers. Sticky fingers and runny noses. The tiny, unreasonable, tantrum-throwing dictators with one word, “NO!” Now I of course don’t mean that I didn’t think I’d love my own child when he reached toddlerhood but imagine my surprise when this has (again) become my favourite age. His little voice and new words are music to my ears, his intentional cuddles and purposeful kisses melt my heart and watching as he understands my instructions and carries them out is incredible. He now reaches up to hold my hand as he approaches a road because he knows that’s our rule. Not long ago he was my baby, now he’s becoming his own little person and it‘s beautiful to watch.

The other reason I’m enjoying toddlerhood? Freedom. They get to an age where you find you can just DO more.

They aren’t so dependant. They’re not milk-feeding constantly and they sleep once during the day (if you’re lucky – mine still has a 2 hour lunchtime nap). They don’t need a list of instructions, a strict schedule or a U-Haul truck of supplies. Except snacks, always pack snacks. He’s an easier age to babysit and we take advantage of it without pushing our luck with the grandparents.

Life is going to slow down again with the arrival of our second baby, socially at least. When it comes to parenting, it’s about to ramp up. I hope we’re still able to head out for a date night or with friends every now and then, and I hope babysitting two kids isn’t too much to ask. It’s scary adding a newborn to the mix! Having said that, I couldn’t be more excited about another baby as it will most likely be our last (though don’t quote me on that!)

*I started this post last Thursday and it’s now Tuesday and I’m finally getting around to posting it. I need to slow down. Oh, and I’m finishing it in bed, with a cup of tea while Jack naps. I’m so exhausted from all the working and going out that I could fall asleep in a second but I find I feel worse if I do, so most days I do a one-hour pram walk up the hills of my suburb to wake myself up. Yes, I’m crazy, but Jack loves it, the dog loves it and it does help boost my energy.

Belinda x

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