Time & Motherhood

October 27, 2014

Take time, make time, give time, allow time, about time, have time, it’s time.

Time is on your side.



I used to think time didn’t matter too much. If I didn’t get to a train in time, I’d catch the next one. I had an abundance of it. I think about time a lot now, especially as a working mum. Unless you have an extremely flexible baby then motherhood is run by time. Time for a nap, time between feeds, time to get the baby bathed, time for dinner, time for a story and time for bed. Allow time for a sleep before we go (so pertinent for us as Jack doesn’t sleep anywhere but home). Allow time for a play at the play centre or extra time for grocery shopping when eager little hands want to help. Do I have time to do the dishes before he notices I’m not there and is clinging to my leg? Do I have time to iron a couple of hubby’s shirts before the cord is pulled and becomes a safety hazard?

For me it’s hard. It’s always a battle to finish things and there are many days where nothing really does get done, because the baby won’t allow me to divide my time. I must be there to play and to be present. If I am, he’s perfectly happy. It’s easy on those days where nothing gets done, to feel as though I’ve wasted time (yet I know I haven’t).

I’m always feeling guilty for the things I can’t do. Like seeing family enough (and this had become especially important to me as Jack grows rapidly and you realise how fast time does fly and to make sure you see those you love often), or devoting time to things I always made time for pre-baby – like long distance running, writing or just laying in a bath.


When I do head out, or when I’m working, I’m always conscious of time. Of getting home in time to make sure I can give Jack his bottle or put him to bed because those things are so important to me.

I’m not even sure there’s a point to this post, except that time has been on my mind.

Something I struggle with often, is that I think that after looking after and supporting everyone else, I prioritise my stuff last and I get frustrated when it doesn’t get done. I’d like a few more hours in my day (and I know, I only have one small child – you parents with two plus children who can still make time for your own passions, I salute you!).

I used the word ‘time’ 34 times (oops, now 36) in this post.

Belinda x

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