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There’s Always Something…

June 26, 2015


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I know I said in my last blog post that Jack was at my favourite age yet. Well, there’s one new occurrence that I’m not loving…

My child doesn’t want to sleep without me. It sounds sweet doesn’t it? Though it’s actually kind of frustrating. Nothing has changed in his bedtime routine and yet now as soon as we go to leave the room, he sits up and starts crying. This has probably been going on for about 6 weeks now. On his worst nights, if I took him into bed with me he fell asleep straight away. This same child that always hated co-sleeping! Not that we ever encouraged it, but on the rare occasion if he was sick, teething or uncharacteristically unsettled I’d see if laying down with me would help. It never did. He wanted to be in his own bed. Fast forward to now, and he’d happily sleep next to me but we don’t want that to be the full time solution.

I think he’s getting better, but at the moment we have to ask him to lie down, to reassure him that we are still there, and leave the door ajar. Then repeat this process a few times in 10-15 minutes before he’ll relax enough to settle to sleep. It’s probably a good thing that he’s not yet in a toddler bed, because I don’t think there would be any way he’d stay in it!

Has anyone been through this?

I’ve consulted Google, of course, and it seems a common issue to have with children his age or older but solutions are varied or the authors of similar posts have never come back to update on what worked for them. My guess is their poor souls finally succumbed to toddler-induced sleep deprivation or they were reunited with a healthy bedtime routine and thought “see you later, suckers!” to the rest of us.

I’ve been very open about the fact that I’m a big believer in the benefits of sleep training, but only between the ages of 6-12 months. This is not something I believe will work for Jack now. He’s older, more aware of what’s going on, growing rapidly, at an age where the 8 most painful teeth can come in and he’s old enough to be anxious or scared. He needs comfort and reassurance, not to be left to cry. As I’m pregnant, I’m also aware that he might have a sense that something big is happening, that things are changing. Kids, even children this young, are so much more intuitive than I ever would have thought, though it upsets me to think that he’s nervous about the future, or wondering what is going on and why people are talking so much about a new baby.

So, I ask, how do you comfort them without implementing bad habits that we’ll have to try and break later? I guess we’ll continue to reassure as we have been and hopefully ride out this stage.

I’d love to hear any tips if anyone has any.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. It’s Friday night and I’m spending it at home with my homemade spinach & ricotta pie, that I baked earlier whilst Jack chased our dog around outside, and the football. A perfect evening!

Belinda x

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