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The Second Baby Decision

October 13, 2014


37 weeks pregnant with Jack

No sooner than you’ve been dating a few years comes “when are you two going to get married?” Then a couple of years grace before “when are you two going to start a family?” and “going to try for another?”

Surprisingly, I haven’t been asked about another baby much, but lately it’s a question I’m asking myself a lot. Yep. Jack is almost 14 months and I’m going to say it. I want another baby. As much as Jack is at my favourite age yet and I love (mostly) every second with him, I’ve always been hopelessly addicted to newborns.

I love their smell

I love their sleepiness

I love breastfeeding

I love their tiny clothes

I love the first smiles

I love the first laugh

I even didn’t mind getting up for the overnight feeds. That wore off at about 5 months and then at six and a half months sleep training saved my sanity!



I enjoyed my pregnancy and for that I was grateful. I didn’t have severe nausea (actually I did – strangely, for a very brief spell in my second trimester) or morning sickness. I felt healthy, I loved my body, I loved watching my swollen belly grow bigger and I loved the kicks. My body was marked only with an episiotomy scar, my personal souvenir of pregnancy and a 13 hour labour with a very overdue and posterior baby.

Although I know every pregnancy is different, it’s easy for me to think about diving back in after having such a positive first pregnancy and birth. Even more than I want another baby for us to love, is that I want Jack to have a sibling. I am very close in age to mine and I don’t remember a second of my childhood that wasn’t spent playing together. I want that for my son.

I imagine him with a brother. Playing footy together, doing boy stuff (whatever that is) and eventually growing up to be each other’s best men at their weddings and loving uncles to each other’s kids. When I imagine him with a sister, I know he’ll be sensitive and gentle to her and hopefully form the sort of relationship that my husband has with his sister. They are fantastically close as adults, and I love it.


Me with my darling two month old

Friends of ours are due with their little girl in the next week or two and I know this is going to send my cluck-o-meter off the charts. I can’t wait!

Having said that, I was in the very early stages of pregnancy during Christmas and New Year of 2012 and I think I’ll enjoy a wine or two this year (not to mention my husband has to have finished his Masters degree by the time I give birth), but come the early months of 2015…

Watch this space.

If you have children tell me, what was the jump from 1 to 2 like??

Belinda x

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  1. I knew I wanted my kids to be close in age, for the same reasons as you. At 9 and 7 (2 and a half years apart) they play together constantly. They are best friends and each others worst enemies. Haha. I just know they’ll grow up to be there for each other always.

    Going from one to two, wasn’t much different – considering Joel was out of nappies and could feed himself. I had a lot less time to myself, which is something I need, but knowing it was only while they were completely dependent made it easier to deal with. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    No more for me though!! Haha

    1. Yes! Selfishly I worry I’m going to lose the ‘me’ time that I currently get while Jack naps. I cherish it to get things done or just take some time to sit quietly and read a book. Although I know parenting is all about sacrifice (and I love being a parent) my time is also something I need. But yes, it’s only brief in the grand scheme of things and the benefits are worth it. We’ll see if I’m lucky enough to fall pregnant in order to have that 2-2.5 year gap. Time will tell xx

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