The Bachelor Australia… a few words.

October 22, 2014

We’re a judge-y lot aren’t we? I’ll admit I used to be judgmental. Then something (that I used to judge others for) happened to me that changed me forever, and now I think a lot more about whether I’m judging someone else by my thoughts or actions. I have to say, I like this ‘me’ a lot better.

My Facebook news feed, probably similar to yours, has been filled with one event over the last month. Blake + Louise + Sam and The Bachelor Australia.

Let me start with Bachie Blake. If you don’t know this, I am a huge fan of this show. Tragic fan. Like, seen most of the 20+ seasons that The US Bachelor and Bachelorette have screened, have a private Facebook group filled with a few girls and all we do is talk about everything Bachelor related. Are you worried about my state of mind yet?

Ok, so cliffsnote’s version. Blake let Louise go, proposed to Sam and obviously shouldn’t have because when cameras stopped rolling he got all confused (it’s hard being forced to whittle 30 women down to 1. Hashtag FirstWorldPolygamyProblems) and dumped Sam realizing that Louise was the one he was really in love with. Forevermore earning the nickname Dirty Street Pie. Such a party in three words. I defended you from night one, Laurina.

I’m getting to my point, I promise. So, Blakey was a mean man. Yes, I agree that he should never have proposed to Sam if he wasn’t 110% in love, therefore ‘stealing’ her first proposal and I totally get that. Although I’ve been engaged twice and having it happen the first time in no way spoiled the second time with my now-husband and she does get a big, very expensive BUNDA engagement ring to keep auction. What people fail to realise is the influence that the network and producers have on the lead and the outcome of the show. They can convince The Bachelor to do whatever they think is best, for the episode, for the ratings. Do I think they wanted this to happen? No, of course not. I don’t think they wanted the After The Final Rose episode scrapped,or their lead becoming ‘the most hated man in Australia.’ However, it’s no surprise that there are reports that they would have been in Blake’s ear about who would be best to choose/let down, and how magical it would be if he were to propose as that’s how the original American version almost always ends up.

One of the contestants on a previous American season wrote a book about her experience vying for The Bachelor and how editing and influence from the shows powers-that-be is a powerful thing. A very good read.

Some time after their season has aired, a lot of the Bachelor’s or Bachelorette’s have said they knew from very early on who they wanted to end up with. They can’t then dismiss everyone else, so yes, unfortunately for the amount of episodes they have to screen, there is a lot of leading on of the other contestants (for lack of a better word). So this makes the lead look disingenuous.

Admittedly, Blake made a big mistake, proposed to the wrong woman (for him) and I think it all spiraled out of control from there. In the end, he did the right thing by breaking off the engagement (and yes, it’s humiliating to have an engagement end, let alone one so new and in the public eye) and Sam is already so much better off. So for now, how about we all take off our judge-y pants and lay off Blake?

I’m off now to check my Bachelor Facebook group and see if the girls have found the new Bachelor Canada episode.

No, I’m not kidding. I told you. I have a problem.

Belinda x

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