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December 1, 2014

Yes, the use of four exclamation marks is necessary when I am talking about Summer.

Before I get into that though, a little story. You know what got me excited about the prospect of having children? A friend of mine is also a father to a 7 year old boy and I have known him since his son was about 5 months old. As his little boy was growing up before our eyes, he used to say to me “this is my favourite age” and go on to explain why. Then a few months later “no, this is my favourite age!” etc. I used to think how cool that was. How fun must this parenting caper be when it just gets better and better? Who doesn’t want to be apart of something like that?

Now I completely understand, because I’m experiencing it firsthand. I remember posting a photo to Instagram when Jack was 7 months old and asking if I could freeze him at that age. Pfft, 7 months! That has nothing on how edible he is at 15 months!


I thought about thatย again yesterday when we went for our first swim of the season in my in-laws pool. Last Summer, Jack was 4-6 months and was happy to get in the pool and have a splash around, but nothing like the excitement he displays now. Yesterday he was delighting in every kick and every splash. His laughter and enjoyment of the day was contagious.

I am SO excited that we are into December and officially welcoming Summer. Summer screams swimming, cricket, tennis, icy-poles, reading in the sun, playing at the park, sleeping with the whir of the ceiling fans, holidays, Christmas, family, bikinis, singlets, short and havaianas!




Oh, that adorable little foot!




Please tell me, what is your favourite thing about Summer?

Belinda x

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  1. First of all, Jack is THE cutest thing ever. I love your blog. My favorite thing about Summer is the carefree thoughts about whether or not I’ll have another popsicle, swimming in the pool until I’m too cold to stay in. Night swimming, and wrapping myself in a big towel. That’s what I love about Summer c:

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