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September 21, 2014

Yesterday, my friend Yasmin and I hosted a baby shower for another of our lovely friends who is expecting a baby girl next month. Yas and I both gave birth to boys last year so it was fun for us to celebrate with everything pink!

Our theme was a mid-afternoon high tea.




Keep numbers low – If you can. You don’t want the mama-to-be who is usually, by this stage, heavily pregnant running herself ragged trying to get around to talk to everyone.

Keep it casual – Play games, but not too many games. We planned for 3 (cut off a piece of string as big as you think her belly is, guess the celebrity daughter or baby name and the usual guessing game name, sex – if you don’t already know, weight and due date) and only did the latter because everyone was having such a great time that we forgot to pull the others out. Things don’t have to be structured, it’s just nice for your friend to catch up with everyone before her brain is flooded with baby related thoughts such as “is it time to feed AGAIN!?”, “is that the baby crying?” (no, thank God, it was just that cat on the TV…) and “how can you hold that much poo?!?”.

Open presents before everyone starts to leave – At a baby shower its a must! Everyone loves to see the cute and tiny little items mum receives. Your guests will both gush over the cutest of outfits and find themselves clucky or they’ll be thinking “what the hell do you use THAT for!?”.

Take photos – Mama may feel as big as a house, but once baby comes and starts to grow rapidly before her eyes, it’s great to look back on those photos. Especially when it’s her first child, there’s so much excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

Have Dad there as well – It’s nice if the daddy-to-be is either there to greet your guests at the beginning, or to pop by at the end. Definitely include him in all the excitement too. Then send him off to the footy!

Another awesome little idea, courtesy of Yas, is that you buy a packet of newborn nappies and a permanent marker and everyone can write something on the outside. So in those first few weeks of being at home with your new bub, you can read a lovely message from your friends each time you change a nappy. Things along the line of “you’re doing a great job!”, “look at those adorable legs”, or even more pertinent “isn’t it daddy’s turn to change this one?!”.





A very special dress for a very special day. More on this dress soon.






The sweetest of thank you gifts from the mum-to-be. It was our absolute pleasure!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend.

Belinda x

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