Story of an Amateur Photographer

October 17, 2014

I love taking photos. At the risk of sounding like an American high schooler I, like, really love it. I’ve had my Canon DSLR camera since late 2009 but until now I’ve only had one real excuse to use it – travel. Actually, I should say I love taking photos only when I’m really inspired by my surroundings. I need to get out and start looking at this beautiful city of Melbourne like a tourist would.

I am certainly not a professional photographer, though I greatly admire those that are. As an amateur, my #1 tip for those that have access to a good camera (and there are so many affordable ones these day) is to take a course and learn how to use it. It’s a shame to see a perfectly good DSLR permanently set to auto. Most good TAFE’s, camera clubs or photography institutes will run a beginner class for DSLRs.

You don’t have to pay to get the lens kits with any chosen camera either. I did a bit of research, paid less just to buy the body of the camera and then purchased what lenses I thought would be most beneficial. My favourite being my Canon 1.8 50mm.

Learning to use Photoshop, Lightroom or any photo editing software is paramount too. It helps to know how to remove any flaws or distracting features in the photo. I very rarely edit skin tones. In the photos below you’ll notice Jack has a small visible vein near the inner corner of his eye and a tiny bruise on his leg from standing and crawling but that’s all part of him.

Back to the point. Since Jack was born he is my new inspiration and my camera is always at the ready. Usually, it isn’t much that has me reaching for it. A new facial expression, a fit of laughter, an attractive backdrop or just a sweet outfit. It’s fun, and I’m so grateful for the array of photos I have of him as he grows up.

Can someone please remind me to find time to do exactly the same with my subsequent children? I’m my mothers youngest child. Therefore, my photo album is half the size of my older siblings and not even half full (don’t worry Mum, every parent does it! We’ll say that you were busy making memories, not stopping to photograph them).

I was playing with Jack in his bedroom the other day when the light streaming through the window inspired me…







Writing this post makes me want to feature a couple of fabulous professional photographers on the blog. I’m going to chat to them about this – stay tuned!

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Belinda x


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