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Second Pregnancy Essentials

May 13, 2015

This second pregnancy has been so interesting. It’s almost like this baby made me sicker just to remind me that he or she is actually there. Like “pay attention to me, Mum!” Seriously, when I started feeling better at around 14 weeks, but before I began feeling kicks 3 weeks later, I barely had time to remember I’m pregnant. Now I’m constantly aware, because this baby is active.

I love the kicks. Maybe because Jack was a small baby, born at 6lb10 (2.99kg), or because I have a long torso, but I never got those uncomfortable or painful kicks in the ribs, or the feeling that a tiny foot was wedged in there. I was able to just enjoy the movements, and I’m loving them now just the same. I’m not a pregnant worrier (which is probably good, because if my amazing obstetrician was anymore relaxed, he’d be dead! Haha) but it’s a long wait between 12-18 weeks (I don’t have any appointments in between those two ultrasounds) so I like to starting feeling the kicks to know that little one is still progressing well. He/she is kicking me as I write this. Hello little one, I love you!

I haven’t even opened up a pregnancy book this time around. Last time I would follow along with Up The Duff and What To Expect When You’re Expecting but this time I haven’t felt the need, or had the time, to do either.

Want to know what I’m super thankful for this time? NO HEARTBURN YET! Even though I had an easy pregnancy with Jack, that was my most annoying and debilitating symptom and I swear I had it by now with him. So far, so good. Here’s hoping this time I’m spared.

This brings me to my pregnancy essentials. Or top three anyway! I’m always fascinated by what people crave or do during this special time. So here are mine;


  1. On Becoming Babywise (Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep) by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

A good friend of mine actually recommended this book to me and boy I’m glad she did. I’ve never functioned well without sleep, so if I could arm myself (before he arrived) with as much information as possible to get my baby into a good routine that encouraged healthy sleeping and feeding, then I was all for it. I’ve got 20 more weeks, give or take, to read it again and refresh. It’s full of sensible information and really worked well for the pattern that Jack and I naturally settled into.

  1. Fanta

Or any orange flavoured soft drink. I only had one craving with Jack, and that was cordial. I hadn’t had it for years before getting pregnant and I haven’t had it since he was born, but during his pregnancy, I needed it! I’m weird, its drinks with me, not food. My food preferences don’t change.

  1. Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Again, something I was fastidious about last time that I barely remember to do now is massage my belly with oil. Though I’m getting better at remembering as my tummy is starting to grow. My genetically blessed Mum was spared of stretch marks during both her pregnancies and fingers crossed for me too, though I am prone to them on my hips so I was surprised not to get any. Most importantly, I found last time that massaging my belly with oil was a lovely way to bond with Jack.

So tell me, what are your pregnancy essentials or cravings?

Belinda x

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