Red, Blue & A Patterned Shoe

October 4, 2014

I can be a bit of a shopper, so my first thought when I had a boy was “phew! that ought to save me money”. Well, that may not have been myΒ actual first thought, but it was up there. Also, definitely not true! Baby boy fashion is anything but dull these days.

Here are my favourite Spring looks for a ‘lil man. I’m really, really loving red and blue.

spring copy

1. Purebaby Grizzly Jumper

2. Seed Heritage Rib Waist Chino Pant

3. Bonds Woven Short

4. Purebaby Jersey Cap (My fave, seriously the cutest thing ever!)

5. Country Road Map T-Shirt

6. Purebaby Lace Up Sneaker

7. SOOKIbaby Monster Pack Leggings

8. Country Road Pre-Walker Sandal

9. Country Road Denim Overalls

10. Purebaby Fable Polo

11. Anarkid Feather Leggings

12. Seed Heritage Fox & Tepee Yardage Tee


Today is Daddy & Jack day while I head off to work. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Belinda x

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