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November 30, 2017

When Berna from boonboon.com.au reached out to me to try the Cherek’s Kraulquappen swimming aids, I was very curious as my boys spend a LOT of time swimming in my in-laws pool, and are too young to be swimming without an aid. However, I was also really upfront that I would have to give an honest review. I’ve blogged for awhile now and will not promote anything I don’t love and use myself. I don’t say something is ah-maz-ing, if I’m not entirely sold on it. With that understanding in place, I received my swimming aids and was excited to try them. I didn’t have to wait long, as a heatwave was about to hit Melbourne.

Last Saturday I took them to my in-laws pool to try out on the kids for the first time. I didn’t even pack my good camera, Jack hasn’t ever really warmed to the stock standard floaties in previous years so I was apprehensive and wanted to give him my full attention without getting in his face with my camera. We didn’t try any floaties on Easton last summer, so this was going to be his first experience.

I needn’t have worried. They have been an incredible hit! Designed by Reiner Cherek in Frankfurt after years of working with babies and children in his swimming school, these floaties’ point of difference is that they have a buoyant foam inside, and are only partially inflatable (one big breath and they’re ready). Designed for use in children as young as 7 months (and up to 30kg), they promote confidence, safety and mobility in the water. I’ve obviously not worn them myself, but even just putting them on my boys they seem to be much more comfortable than the old school type of floaties, and they are very lightweight. I remember the old ones were sticky and hard to peel off wet arms unless almost fully deflated. Oh, the other best part? They are one size fits all. So one child could wear them for 5-6 years until they are swimming without an aid.

We’ve used them 4 times now since last Saturday. Jack is a very cautious 4 year old (definitely not a risk taker) and won’t be rushed into anything, but during the first use he was completely comfortable for us to let him go so that he could swim himself and now the first thing he asks is
“Mummy, where’s my floaters?” Easton made the same call on the second day. If we even try to swim with him now he yells “NO, Bubba!” meaning “get off me, I can do this myself!”

Today I took the boys back to the in-laws (hello 35’C). As hubby was working, it was just the kids and I in the pool. Without these floaties, there is no way I could have done that unless I had another person there or at least one of them sitting in some sort of inflatable toy, and they never want to stay in those for very long. I couldn’t prop up two kids at once and feel safe. Especially in a pool with no shallow end. Today they were both kicking around independently as I swam from one to the other, it was heaven!

I’ve taken some pics, and as I’ve told you before, Jack is 4. He’s defiant. He is strong-willed and he’s not going to smile for the camera if he doesn’t want to. These pics depict genuine joy and freedom.

If you want to try them out, they are available from boonboon.com.au and please use the code TOPKNOTMUM for 15% off. You can also visit the Instagram page @boonboon.com.au

*these floaties were gifted to me but I was not and will not be paid for this post. I also do not earn a commission on any pairs sold, I just genuinely LOVE these, wanted to share them and Berna kindly offered this discount.

Happy swimming and thank you for reading!

Belinda xx

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