May 26, 2015

How early in a pregnancy can you start nesting? I swear, since I was about 8 weeks pregnant I have become this crazy neat freak. This is not normal for me. My house has always been moderately clean by a usual standard but nothing like it is now. I’ve always been a ‘holy crap my mother-in-law is coming over’ cleaner and I cram it all in the day of, then delight in how good it looks before letting it get a bit dishevelled again. Nowadays though, anyone can drop by whenever, without notice, and I don’t have to do the mad scramble. I’ll even have beautiful fresh flowers and a scented candle burning.

Natural Nest on Weathered Board

You know how the longer you live somewhere, the more crap you accumulate? Although moving sucks, I’ve always enjoyed how ruthless I get with anything I don’t want to pack. If I cant be bothered moving it, its getting thrown out. I’m so looking forward to this new baby because it means transforming my husbands’ study into the amazing nursery that I have designed. Our study is currently the junk room. We all have one, don’t we? If you don’t, well done! I couldn’t be more excited about cleaning it out and getting rid of all the books we don’t read anymore, CD’s we have in iTunes and no longer need, and all my husbands Star Wars paraphernalia that he assures me are “collectors items, honey!” Ok, so I’m kidding myself if I think we’ll be getting rid of those but hey, I can assure you they’ll be moved and stored away somewhere else.

So, back to my crazy cleaning. I’m going to chalk it up to a few things;

  1. I’m so desperate to demolish our current house and build on this block (that’s our 3 year plan) that I do whatever I can to make this place look good.
  1. Trying to be more organised with a toddler around, because if I don’t I’ll find the keys in the toilet, my purse in the recycling and a brand new block of chocolate in the bin (yes, that has happened and was a very distressing and stressful time until I thought to check the rubbish and there it was. Haha).
  1. Pregnancy nesting. If I say on top of what needs to be done it helps with my sense of ‘holy crap I’m going to have a 2 year old and a newborn, what were we thinking?!?’

I’m currently just over 22 weeks pregnant now. This pregnancy is FLYING!

Belinda x

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