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Jack is 2!!

August 18, 2015

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My Jack,

So, today you turned two. I’m going to avoid all the ‘how time flies’ and ‘didn’t I just give birth to you yesterday’ clichés and just say “wow”.

You are the most divine little boy I’ve ever known. Aside from your new skill for pushing boundaries, throwing a brief tantrum and wanting to do things your way, all of which just reinforces how normal a toddler you are, you are very well mannered and well behaved and we are so proud of you. You’re sweet, kind, funny, and affectionate and just love the company of your Mummy & Daddy. It might drive us nuts that you want to take our hand and lead us over to where you are playing in the corner of the same room we are already in, but we also find it endearing that you want us close to you all the time.

You are still obsessed with books and anything Thomas the Tank Engine, you squeal with laughter during your bath time with Dad, you love big walks with Spot and I’d go on to list your favourite foods but you’re not a picky eater. You’ll have anything, though preferably made by Mum. You have always loved the water, so I enrolled you in swimming lessons this term and you love it! You’re the happiest child in the entire pool. I joke it’s the best place for me to take a look at your teeth because you swim with a Luna Park smile. Your confidence in the pool has improved so much after only 5 classes. I promise to keep you enrolled even when your little brother arrives.


You are in love with your Grandparents and they feel very much the same about you. You have brought so much joy to our families and we love watching the bonds that have developed as you’ve grown to recognise them, show off for them and to bask in their company and affection.

We think your two-year-old molars are beginning to make a move but with you, it’s always hard to tell as you never exhibit physical symptoms such as red cheeks and nappy rash. You’ve been clingier than usual and wanting to hold my hand for entire walks, not sleeping as well, sporadically tugging your ears and biting holes in your dummies – which we will now think about scrapping altogether rather than replacing. Aside from the teeth though, you still continue to sleep well. You are usually down for the night between 7-7.30 and you most often always wake at 7.30am. A time we are always very happy to greet you at. You nap once a day, from 11.30am-1.30/2pm and you wake up chatty and sometimes laughing to yourself.

When you go to bed at night, your Dad and I often sit and talk about how much we love you and how happy you make us. Your face is sunshine and your little voice (with new words coming all the time) is the best sound in the world. We’re so incredibly lucky to have you.


Your brother is due in 6 weeks and we can’t wait to watch you interact with him. You’re already such a gentle little boy that we think you’re going to be very loving and helpful and we hope you both grow to have a close bond.

You’re the gift that keeps on giving, Mr Jack, and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings. You are a joy to our lives and we still pinch ourselves that we were chosen to parent you and be the recipients of all your innocent, pure love and cuddles. We relish being the two people who can, at this time, make everything better for you.

Our firstborn.

Our beautiful soul.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We love you more than you’ll ever know.

Mummy & Daddy xx

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