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So, I’m Pregnant!

May 11, 2015

Oh, my blog! How I have neglected you.

Remember this post? Well, we took the plunge and in early February I found out I was (am) expecting another baby! Was a bit of a shock as it happened so fast but constant nausea had me reaching for a test (just to rule out pregnancy as a reason for feeling so ill) and two lines appeared instantly. So there you have it. Another baby. Yikes!

I’ve always wanted more than one child, for Jack to have a little playmate, a best friend and sometime worst enemy.

So that brings me back to my blog, or lack of blogging. This pregnancy has been SO different to Jack’s. Morning sickness started, as a mentioned, from day one and I’ve had more symptoms than I ever had whilst expecting my first.


So now my nausea is gone, I have more energy and today I have hit 20 weeks. Half way! I’m going to classify myself as 60% excited and 40% nervous. How do I manage two kids? How do I attend my orthodontist appointments with a newborn AND a toddler? How do I plan a routine around them? Jack and I have this down pat! We have a system, we love our system, our system works! I guess I’m about to find out.

We’ve decided to find out the gender this time around too. Initially I wanted to find out just because I work for a children’s clothing brand and I wanted to be prepared in knowing if I was buying for a boy or a girl. However, now that we’ve made the decision to know, there are a few other reasons. As we waited until the birth with Jack, everything was gender neutral, from his nursery (which I still love, but really don’t want to plan another beige/grey room) to his clothing and his toys. This time I want to have more fun with colour. In addition, I had full days to myself whilst on maternity leave to get organised for our new arrival. This time around, I have a toddler to take care of. I need more time to organise everything, so to find out the gender now is going to help me get prepared.

So tell me, with a newborn and toddler (or older child). How did you manage? I want all your tips!

Belinda x

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