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September 22, 2014

Jack’s First Birthday Party – check! Baby Shower – check! It’s been busy. The last upcoming event on my list is Jack’s christening in November, which brings me to this dress, because it was originally bought for that.

Have you ever bought an item of clothing and then suffered buyers remorse, dwelling on how much you spent on it? Yeah, me too, but this is definitely notย one of those times. This is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn, and it couldn’t fit better. Although I’m not one to obsess over my weight (been there a decade ago, done that!) if I’m honest I’m about a kilo up from my pre-baby weight, and 5 kilos up from when I got married. Now I don’t want to change any of that because this dress fits perfectly just as I am.

I think it’s understatedly sexy but also modest and elegant due to the high neckline and the length.

I finally had my hair cut. My ombre style was looking so brassy in the ‘Work It’ blog I posted I back in August, so I had to have it snipped and re-toned. I can never decide whether I want my hair long or short. It’s an ongoing #firstworldhairproblem.








Dress – Lover

Have you all noticed that Jack always appears in at least one photo of my shoots?

Monday is (almost) over. Have a fantastic week!

Belinda x

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