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Healthy Eating

July 22, 2015


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Guess what Jack ate for dinner last night?

I can’t help but giggle, I remember way back before I had a child someone on my Facebook posted a list of everything her child had eaten that day. It was in the context of “holy crap, how can a toddler eat this much?” and then went on to list each food at each meal. At the time, I swore I’d never be one of those mothers, especially one who talks about poo or toilet related behaviours. Yuck. That I’d strive to differentiate between what people want to know and will think is cute/interesting/funny about my kid, and what people sit back and think “really? who cares how much your kid ate, I’m trying to decide if I should buy those shoes for the weekend…?” To be fair, I admit it’s hard, and I’m sure I’ve had my parenting over-share moments but when you become a mother, you are just so darn proud and in love with your child that you can’t help but tell the world about all the cute and crazy things they do.

So back to what Jack had for dinner. I’m a health nut without actually being a health nut. I drink pau d’arco tea and brew my own kombucha at home, I heal everything from skin rashes to conjunctivitis with organic coconut oil and I’m so fascinated by healthy eating and probiotics and the relationship between a healthy gut and a healthy body. I’m one of those people that buys paleo or plant-based recipe books with all the best intentions of making a permanent change to the way we eat and then never properly making the full commitment it requires. It’s kind of frustrating.

Having said all that, one day I’m going to do it. Make the change for good. For now I’m trying to limit my gluten intake (my body is not taking bread well this pregnancy – which is why I’m considering this change) and introducing a piece of fruit a day. I never eat fruit, so this is a good step. The other thing I’d been meaning to do for a year or more is buy a spiralizer. You know, those little gadgets that turn zucchinis (or the like) into noodles? Well I finally got one and used it last night. Hubby was at parent/teacher interviews until after 8.30 so it was just my guinea pig (Jack) and I. I made my favourite tomato based pasta sauce, poured it over the zucchini noodles and Jack MONSTERED THE WHOLE BOWL. Did not even notice the difference, or if he did, he loved it. Parents, you have to try this!

Mum & Zucchini – 1, Jack – 0 (well, I should give him a point for health). Now to try it on my hubby.

Here’s some pictures I took. No, I don’t usually take photos of my child eating, these were purely for the blog.

I asked him to smile for me – I love how children exaggerate things. Note the empty bowl!



Jack looking a bit more normal haha



Happy Hump Day. I hope everyone is having a good week.

Belinda x

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