Happy Go Ducky Toys

May 24, 2017

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that I have a thing for children’s décor and toys. I don’t know what it is, I just love giving my kids fun things to play with and interesting décor to look at. I enjoy creating fun, calming spaces for them. And whilst I fully appreciate the colours, sounds and educational aspects of modern day toys, there’s nothing quite like watching my boys running around dragging a pull-along, or pushing their wooden cars and trains around the house all the while making up their own sounds to accompany them. Learning through play really is the best way. And now I’m rhyming!



Children’s décor has such a massive audience for Australian children. Our kids really do have such an incredible range of toys to engage with. My favourite place to purchase their toys is Happy Go Ducky Toys because of their brilliant customer service, extensive range and the all over quality of the stock they sell. Importantly, whilst a lot of similar toys and décor are outsourced to China, Happy Go Ducky Toys only provide eco friendly and sustainable, 100% non-toxic, ethically handmade products sourced directly from the Czech Republic. From colourful toys and puzzles, to the most intricate raw timber cars, trams, planes, boats and trains, from dummy clips to stackers, pull alongs and push alongs, they stock them all. Located in Maroubra, NSW, all in-stock products are shipped swiftly, with a flat rate Australia wide of only $9 and they accept zipPay & afterpay.



My personal wish list is constantly growing and whilst I’m preparing to start up my own small business, supporting other small business mothers is something I’m equally passionate about as well.

Happy Go Ducky Toys

Website: www.happygoducky.com.au

Instagram: www.instagram.com/happygoduckytoys

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