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Four Weeks Old

October 21, 2015


Easton @ 18 Days New. Cutest frown ever! Photo by Fox & Feather Photography

You know what I really love? My own bed. I’ve really missed it lately.

I used to wonder what mothers with newborns carry on about. It’s not THAT bad. You feed them, get ‘em all milk drunk and pop them down in their cot, bassinet or cradle, you get some sleep and then they wake you in 3 hours to feed again. Ha. HAHAHA. Ok. Turns out Jack was an astonishingly good newborn and not ‘the norm’. For most of the last 3 ½ weeks Easton didn’t want to sleep in his cot, he wants Mummy or Daddy, which isn’t conducive to a good nights sleep. He can be fast asleep and the moment his little body is transferred onto the cot mattress he’s awake and looking at me like “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Ungrateful baby isn’t he? I put blood, sweat and tears in creating a beautiful nursery for him (which I still need to show you all) and he turns his nose up at sleeping in it. Instead of taking him into our bed, hubby and I set up a mattress in his room so that one of us can lay with Easton there whilst the other gets some undisturbed sleep. Did I mention I’ve sorely missed sleeping in my own bed?

I’ve been so tired. Deliriously tired. Eyeballs falling out of my head tired. So tired, in fact, that not only did I not lock the front door during an outing, I didn’t even close it at all. Yes, I left the front door wide open and drove us all to the library. When we got back I thought we’d been robbed. We hadn’t. Well, not robbed of anything other than our sleep and our sanity. It really wasn’t easy. I’ll admit there have been tears in the middle of the night, Easton wanting to party and extreme fatigue taking over. There’s also no ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ when you also have to get up and entertain your 2 year old as well. We’ve both had moments of wishing away these early days and wanting to fast forward to at least three months. Sounds ridiculous I know, I have a child already! I’ve been through this, but I’m telling you, Jack was a great newborn!

However, at 4 weeks we’re starting to get a bit of a routine going. I’m a big believer of following a feed, play, sleep routine, reading his tired signs and putting him down drowsy but awake in his cot and teaching him that it’s a safe space to fall asleep. Previously, he was way too little to be in any semblance of a routine but now that he’s just that bit older it’s starting to work and he’s self settled in his cot with minimal fuss several times now which means he’s not sleeping on me and I can have one on one time with Jack, lessening the inevitable mummy guilt. Progress. I love progress.

The best part? We’re getting some 5/6 hour stretches overnight now and for the last few nights I’ve been able to crawl back in my own bed after each overnight feed! It’s pure heaven.

Someone pass the wine. I might actually survive this two kids business. But please don’t ask me if I’m having a third…

Belinda x

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