October 31, 2014

Jack looked so cute today so I did an impromptu photo shoot. I wasn’t going to post anything tonight as I will be shooting my favourite weekend look on Sunday, but I was really happy with the way these pics turned out so here goes.


Jack isn’t doing well with some new teeth trying to come through. Dribble enough to flood a house, more vomit than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime** (probably because the excess saliva upsets his tummy) and an aversion to sleep – who could blame him when you feel that horrid? So it hasn’t been fun and I’m having one of those ‘International Motherhood Is Hard’ weeks! I hate to whinge about trivial stuff, people are going through way worse, so I’m going to put it all in perspective.

Anyway, a great big thank you to whoever invented dribble bibs. I’d never ever heard of these before I had a baby, but what a great idea. Jack looks cooler than the bottle of Coke I put in the freezer today to chill and then forgot about (whoops!) and little do people know it’s actually designed to catch the torrent of drool pouring from my kid. Therefore, it’s not soaking his top and turning him into a baby that childless people see at the supermarket and then think to themselves “yuck, I’m never having kids”.





** The reason I haven’t seen much vomit in my lifetime is that I’m a vomit-a-phobe. Not a “oh, I just don’t like vomit” fear, but a “I’m going to have a full-on panic attack if you’re going to throw up and I need to be elsewhere fast” phobia. This crossed my mind when I was expecting Jack, I REALLY hoped that my love for him would override my irrational fear and fortunately, it has! I still don’t want anyone being sick around me, but when it comes to my baby, I couldn’t care less about the actual vomit. I’ll be right there with my baby if he’s unwell. This is a miracle. Sorry, I hope you weren’t eating dinner reading that, just a bit of trivia for you.

Ok, I’m off for a run. Have a great night everyone!

Dribble Bib – Cotton On Kids

Top – Cotton On Kids

Leggings – Bonds

Belinda x

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