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Have you heard about Jamberry yet?


Jamberry Mini Heater, Jamberry Wraps (L-R) Obsessed, White Tip, Gatsby & Gold Sparkle

So I have to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Multi-Level Marketing or “party plan” businesses. I have to be really interested in the product before committing to attend a party let alone buy the goods. Then every once in awhile something comes along that seems so fab, that I have to at least give it a try.

Even Jo, my friend and Jamberry consultant, admitted to me that she thought I’d be sceptical about this. Well, I decided to sample them and now Jamberry nail wraps might just be my new obsession.

Jamberry are adhesive wraps that you simply heat and apply to your nails. Which means no drying time and no chips! One regular sheet includes 18 Jamberry nail wraps and one sheet of Jamberry Juniors wraps include 42 nail wraps. They are long lasting (approximately 2 weeks for fingernails and 6 weeks for toenails) and can be used on both your natural or artificial nails. They are also easy to remove, you can re-use heat to break the seal and peel them off, or use nail polish or hot water. People are even finding their own methods of removing them, some preferring to use coconut oil to nourish and moisturise the nail in the removal process.

Sadly, I do way too much cleaning and washing as a Mum these days that I’m super hard on any nail polish. I’d turned to using nude shades only, as it’s less obvious when it peels and chips, which it certainly would after only a day or two. I considered trying Shellac as a long lasting solution, but I didn’t because I don’t like the idea of having to soak my nails in acetone to remove it. My nails aren’t very strong (unless I’m pregnant, then they are amazing), so I was wary of doing anything that would damage or weaken my natural nail underneath. Jamberry is my solution! I get long lasting coverage and I get to choose from over 300 patterns, colours and designs without doing any damage.

Application takes a bit of practise but I’ve only used a couple of samples and applied one full set and I already feel much more confident applying them. It’s really easy once you know how.



Additional Info:

Made in the USA

No Harmful Chemicals


Formaldehyde Free

Latex Free

Gluten Free (No, this isn’t a joke. Some people are allergic to even the gluten in products)

Never Animal Tested


If you want to try a free sample, check out the designs or read more info for yourself, please get in touch with my consultant, Jo Davey, by visiting

Jo was amongst the first consultants to sign up in Australia and she’s brilliant. Although she’s a friend of mine, I would never promote something I wasn’t 100% excited about myself. I purchased my wraps at full price like everyone else and am not getting any freebies just for writing a blog post. I genuinely love these wraps and wanted to tell you all!

Have fun wrapping and if you do try them, please let me know what you think. I’ll be continuing to play with all the different designs.

The best part? My nails make me look like a cool and trendy Mum who has time to pamper herself. When in reality, if I get time to run a brush through my hair or visit the bathroom alone then I’m doing well for the day.

Belinda x



Easton’s Nursery

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I love colour! As much as I loved the surprise element of not knowing Jack’s gender until his birth, I really wanted to find out Easton’s gender so that I could design a nursery with all the appropriate colours. There’s not much to say about the room aside from wanting it to be light, bright and welcoming. This is our favourite room in the house. It used to be my husband’s study/junk room. I really wish I’d taken a before photo. There was about 6 1/2 years worth of junk thrown into this room and cleaning it out was no easy feat. All my suppliers are listed at the bottom of the blog post.

The biggest thanks goes to my stepdad for not only painting the base colour and the ceiling of the room but for also making the timber wall triangles. We love you!












Cot – Mocka Australia

Drawers, Faux Fur Rug & Shelf Plant – Ikea

Letter Light – Little Letter Lights Co

Wooden E A S T O N Letters – Bunnings (painted by me)

Feature Wall – Valspar Paints & Frogtape purchased at Masters (painted by me)

Mini Stool & Pouffe – Kmart

Bunny Rugs & Cot Blanket – Purebaby

Timber Frames – Officeworks

Prints – Etsy

Armchair – Freedom

Cushion – Brands Exclusive

XO Blocks – Monkey n Mack

Onesies – Purebaby & Country Road

Book Unit – Aldi

Wooden ‘E’ Letter – Love Letters by Tillie

Shoes – Converse (gifted to me by my friend)

Brothers Figurine – Willow Tree

Swan Coat Hanger – Zilvi

White Photo Frame (with monthly pictures of baby) – Baby Co

Baby – Mothers Own (wearing Bonds wondersuit)


Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you all win a bet on the Melbourne Cup.

Belinda x




The Wild Collective

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“A Shopping Experience for those Wild at Heart”

It’s no coincidence that in addition to describing myself as a wife and mother, I also include ‘shopper’ to my Instagram bio. I just love shopping. Especially for my children. So when I heard about The Wild Collective, I knew I wanted to attend this inaugural event.

The creative masterminds behind The Wild Collective, Renee Falckh and Amy Cimino, are transforming the retail experience and launching a two day shopping, lifestyle and entertainment extravaganza to be held in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition Building this August. Not only is this a celebration of all things creative with a huge list of vendors, there will be cooking demonstrations, a Kids Zone and even a pop-up pub called the Man Cave. It will truly be an experience for the whole tribe!

The vendors taking part in The Wild Collective aren’t just about fashion either. Think décor, beauty products, handcrafted furniture, home ware, art, eco-friendly products, toys, food and so much more.

A Wild Collective ambassador, Oobi, need no introduction. With 12 years of experience in children’s fashion, accessories and décor, they will be showcasing their Spring/Summer 2015 line throughout the two-day exhibition and it’ll be sure to impress! With (almost) two children myself, I’ll be scouring the new collection for their summer wardrobes. If you haven’t yet become acquainted with Oobi, their website ( and Instagram (@oobi) will give you a taste of what to expect.

Other notable vendors involved in The Wild Collective who I’ll be stalking include;

ONE TINY TRIBE – Ridiculously cute art prints and tees, perfect for my new nursery.

HUMBLE BODY – Natural hemp based and organic skin care made right here in Melbourne.

LUXBITE – When their motto is “life is uncertain, eat dessert first”, what’s not to love? Can’t wait to check out their gourmet sweet treats!

PAPER TO YOU – Hand crafted paper floristry that honestly must be seen to be believed.



Event Details: The Wild Collective

When: Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 August, 2015

Where: Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicolson Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Time: Doors open 10am-4pm

Entry: $2 (yes, you read that right). Children under 15 free.


I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant by that stage, but I won’t be missing this for the world.

I hope to see you there!


More information can be found at

Instagram @thewildcollectiveau

Updated daily, a full list of vendors can be found here


Belinda x

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