Boys Summer Sandals

October 3, 2017

I posted an Instagram story of Easton in a petting zoo yesterday and had a few queries about the shoes he was wearing. I’ve fallen in love with sweet sandals for spring and summer but finding the right ones are tricky. Jack is super picky about his shoes, they have to be the right mix of comfort and style. So when I find a sandal he’ll actually wear, I snap it up. Easton isn’t as fussy, but because he’s young, I want a durable shoe that’s easy to get on and off.

Here are my faves;

These are the winners that I have for Jack. He loves them! They look like a buckle strap but there is velcro underneath. Couldn’t be easier for him to put on himself, and in a hurry.

They are $15.00 from Target, come in sizes 6-12 and you can shop them here

These were the sandals that drew some attention in my Instagram story. I absolutely love this style and wish they came in every colour but I could only see tan. Velcro again, and considering Easton has a wider foot than Jack did at that age, these fit him well.

These are $19.99 from H&M, come in sizes EU18-24 and you can view them here (no online store)

I bought these heavily reduced at the end of last summer and put them aside for Easton to wear this year. They are so well made, I love the colour and they dress up warm weather outfits well. I found them again online so they have been brought back this spring/summer.

$44.95 from Country Road. They are for the little ones though, so they only come in sizes EU18-22. You can shop them here


These beautiful sandals are from new label, Anchor & Fox. As I mentioned earlier, I love this woven style and they are similar in look to the H&M pair that we have, only these are genuine leather and longer lasting.

They retail at $70.00, come in sizes 5-13 and have four different colours to choose from. You can shop them here

This final pair are Saltwater Sandals and probably the most durable of them all. They are actually designed to get wet and then dry to form the perfect shape for your foot. I tried them for Jack but the leather was initially too stiff (they need time to soften) and I could tell he wasn’t going to wear them. Families everywhere swear by them though. In fact, I want a pair of their adult sandals for myself.

They are Saltwater Sun San Shark Sandals. They retail at $74.95 and come in sizes 5-8 (infant) and 9-12 (child). You can view them, and their full range here but you’ll have to check their stockists page for where to buy them.

Belinda xx

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