November 6, 2014

Jack is over the worst of this bout of teething, is back to sleeping through and is such a joy to us. I always thought I was more of a baby person than a toddler person (not that Jack is yet ‘toddling’ but he’s close!) but I think I’m proving myself wrong. Every week Jack is doing something new, including giving me a taste of some little tantrums, and I’m delighting in it. This week, it’s all about books. He’ll go and get a book, then come back and give it to me. Ahh my hearts melts all over the chair when he snuggles on my lap and laughs when I read in character, giving me a glimpse of all those new teeth. And he’s so gentle with books. Not a torn page in sight.



Being a parent really is the best thing in the world. There isn’t a day that passes without me asking myself how I got so lucky. Or how I functioned in this world without this little boy who makes my heart grow bigger, my world more colourful and my purpose greater.



So anyway, I pulled out my old notes from the camera course I did years ago and I’m refreshing on everything, including teaching myself Lightroom. Photography is a fun hobby of mine, but not something I plan to turn into a career, just something I really love and want to master. Still a long way to go. So, of course, Jack is my muse.




Sigh… That smile.

Summer Onesie – Purebaby

Belinda x

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