Hi! Welcome to TopKnotMum.com. I’m Belinda. Wife, daughter, friend, shopper, instagram-addict, reader, runner… but most importantly, and at the top of that list, mother to two-year-old Jack and new baby Easton.


Why Top Knot Mum?


Well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that things change when you become a mother. Not necessarily for everyone, but definitely for me. In my daily wear, stiletto heels have been replaced by flat Converse All-Stars, silk blouses have been replaced by comfortable chunky knits and perfectly flat ironed hair has been replaced by a messy top knot bun.


I had lunch with a girlfriend of mine recently, and we were discussing my blog and its name. She thought I meant Top Notch Mum and I had a laugh because I’m certainly not top notch. I’m very imperfect and I’m learning on the job as I go but I’m doing okay so far!


I look forward to sharing with you all the little things that make me tick.


♥ Belinda