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Ok, I admit it. I was wrong.

January 5, 2015

Allow me to bore you with some photos.


Sometimes you’ve just got to say it. I get it. Yep, now I get it.

I could start so many sentences with “before I was a parent…” but I’ll start with this one. Before I was a parent (and if I’m honest) I couldn’t really give two hoots about the majority of baby photos my friends posted on social media. I mean, sure, some were very cute, but I never really understood why you had to post SO many. It’s one of the many things I now ‘get’ being a proud parent myself.

It’s hard to ever imagine how your life will change when you have a baby. You know it will, and you can have a pretty good idea by being around friends and families of small children but until you go through it yourself, you can never really know. Everyone has differing ways of coping with the change in daily routine, conflicting advice, feeding issues, settling or sleeping battles (and deprivation).


It’s funny how you have to complete a certain amount of study and practical on-the-job training to become a nurse for example, caring for others. Yet after a few days in hospital, with no training, you take a tiny, dependant infant home with only a vague idea of what to do. And now that I’ve been through that I still think to myself “how did I know what to do??” Mothers are remarkable. As are fathers, but even with the hands on dad that Jack has, it was still me who was making all of the decisions when it came to his care in the early days.

Anyway, I’m getting way off topic. Something else that you can never really know is the amount of love and pride you feel for your child. And like anything you are proud of, you show it off. So, to my friends who post a ton of pictures of their child/ren, I’m sorry. Please continue. To all those bored by my endless photo sharing, I apologise to you too but isn’t Jack just the cutest thing EVER!?


Being is parent is wonderful (for the most part). I had the most amazing day exploring the river with Jack and hubby today. I even turned to hubby and said “I never would have believed that some of the happiest days could be spent in a new playground”.

Have a lovely week everyone xx





Singlet & Sandals – Purebaby

Shorts – Bonds

Pram Liner – Bella & Moo


Shirt & Skirt – Country Road

Sunglasses – Saint Laurent

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